Call for papers

Call for papers

The International Workshop of Statistical Modelling is seeking novel and original contributions to the wider field of Statistical Modelling. Papers which provide advances in the development of statistical models which are well motivated by a contemporary data scenario or application problem are particularly welcome. This includes contributions to estimation, inference, and computation for such modelling problems. Papers focusing on applications with important substantive implications as well as methodological issues are welcome, including new developments in Data Science.

Submissions by students and young researchers are particularly encouraged. The short paper should be written in English. Please provide the title of the contribution, the name(s) of the author(s), the affiliation and an e-mail address in the short paper.

For deadlines and detailed requirements for the submissions see the right hand column. You can submit for oral or poster presentation. Please note that papers which are submitted for oral presentation, but which are not selected for oral presentation, will automatically be considered for poster presentation.

After having created your 4-page short paper with the provided style files, please submit the paper via the link given at the top right corner of the registration page: Submit an abstract.

Note: The term "Abstract" used on that registration page is to be understood as "Short paper (4 pages)". The short paper in itself should also contain an actual abstract, which should be restricted to 200 words.

For the final version following review, we will need a zip with all files necessary to compile your manuscript for inclusion into (one of the two) Proceedings volumes:

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Deadlines for IWSM 2024:

The regular deadlines for paper submissions have now passed.

However, we are happy to announce a cooling-off submission period for poster submissions until Monday, April 1st .

This cooling-off period will be only for poster submissions. Accepted submissions during this period are eligible for presentation of a poster at the conference, and inclusion into the online PDF proceedings volume. However, they will not be considered for inclusion into the Springer proceedings volume.

April 9, 2024: Notification of acceptance

May 14, 2024: Deadline for manuscript submissions for proceedings volumes (4-8 pages)

Requirements for the submission of short papers

Your short paper should include the substantive problem, your data and your approach to solving it, along with the statistical models that have been used. Please also provide your main results and key references.

Short papers, for both poster and oral presentation, must be written in English and must be prepared using the style file iwsm.sty and the template file templateIWSM2024.tex. The folder includes all the necessary files. Please do not use external .bib-files and follow the guidelines very strictly (see guidelinesIWSM2024.pdf) . Please do not alter or add any additional packages to these files. To ensure proper evaluation, short papers should be approximately (but no more than) 4 pages for the initial submission. After acceptance they may be extended to 4, 6 or 8 pages according to the specific information given in the acceptance letter.
We encourage authors to submit their figures in colors. However, wherever possible, efforts should made to produce figures which are meaningfully readable also under black-and-white print.

Legal and copyright considerations
For considerations concerning copyright and publication in the Proceedings volumes, including the consent and commitment implied by each party, please follow the link below:

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