The registration for the ICMS 2024 is now open. Deadline for registration is 28 June 2024. Please register via the following link:

The registration fee is GBP 200, and the reduced registration fee is GBP 130 (for students, and participants from developing countries). The registration fee covers all coffee breaks, all lunches, and an evening reception on July 22. Conference dinner and college accommodation (single en suite including breakfast; 52.5 per night) may be booked separately.


Submission for Sessions

There are two levels of submissions: short abstracts (mandatory) and extended abstracts (encouraged but optional).

Short abstracts:

In order to give a presentation at ICMS 2024 you will need to submit a short abstract by March 1, 2024 by emailing a session chair. The meeting will consist of many specialised session and a general session (list of sessions). Choose a specialised session that fits your work, or the general session if there is no suitable specialised session. If accepted, you will be scheduled to give a talk at ICMS and your talk will be listed on the session web page. We encourage that you submit your abstract as soon as possible. The earlier you submit, the earlier you get the decision.

Extended abstract:

Speakers are encouraged to submit an extended abstract between 4 and 8 pages by March 28, 2024. If accepted, it will enter the conference proceedings, which will appear in the Springer series Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Extended abstracts should contain original research that has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. Extended abstracts must be submitted via EquinOCS as a single pdf file:

It should follow the Springer guidelines for authors. In particular, it should use the latex template and the LNCS latex style.

The decision of the programme committee will be communicated by 26 April. If your submission has been proposed for acceptance, we kindly ask you to revise your work according to the reviews and provide us the sources by 3 May 2024. The final acceptance is subject to the condition that you implement the changes requested (if any). You may go beyond 8 pages in your revision, however before you go beyond 10 pages, please double-check with your session chair.

The sources must include one LaTeX file with the extended abstract, one bib file with the references, and one PDF created from the source. Please include any TikZ graphics into the LaTeX source. Additional graphics files may be added to the zip file as PNG or JPG. Authors will need to sign a Consent-to-Publish form, through which the copyright of their paper is transferred to Springer. A sample Consent-to-Publish form can be found here. Employees of US Government contractors or US Government departments may need additional documents, see Section 3.1 of Springer’s Guidelines for Authors .

After the final submission, all material will be sent to Springer and no updates will be accepted. During the publication process, the corresponding author will be contacted via email, and asked to check the final PDF files to ensure that no errors have crept in during typesetting. In the past, this email had to be answered in 72 hours.

Submission for Posters

In addition to the usual presentations, there will be an opportunity to submit posters in a poster session. If you want to combine your poster with a software demonstration, please let us know and we will try to arrange a standing table for you. The posters extended abstracts must be submitted via EquinOCS as a single pdf file:

Note that posters are independent of the sessions, i.e., giving a talk at ICMS 2024 neither is a prerequisite for submitting a poster, nor are speakers excluded from (additionally) submitting a poster.