Computer algebra

xcadabra screenshot Screenshot of my Cadabra computer algebra system for field theory problems.
Cadabra is my "field-theory motivated" computer algebra system, with many useful things for research in field theory and general relativity which are not available in other systems. See for an overview:
[pdf] Introducing Cadabra: a symbolic computer algebra system for field theory problems
Much more information as well as binaries and source code are available from the Cadabra site.
Also see the Math by Machine blog.

C++ libraries and other assorted tools

Below is a random list of various assorted libraries and tools which I wrote over the years.
tree.hha C++ container class in the spirit of the Standard Template Library, which can be used to store arbitrary data in an n-ary tree-like structure.
dimnuma C++ library for handling of dimensionful numbers, as they arise in physics and engineering, fully typesafe but without speed overhead.
mmruna simple tool to distribute many independent jobs over a number of machines on which you have ssh access. Uses MPI internally but does not require the programs which it runs to be compiled with MPI.
All available under the GNU General Public License. 

TeX and BibTeX related files

I am also interested in various aspects of mathematics typesetting. This is the home ground of TeX, but I am interested in pushing this program into areas for which it was traditionally not intended, such as the web (see the hyperTeX page). I am the author/maintainer of a C++ implementation of TeX called TeX++.
My LaTeX style file, the BibTeX one as well as my BibTeX bibliography file.
Also still available are the remnants of "mnemonic", a web browser with support for mathematics. Development has stopped, but you can still read a note on the reasons for abandoning this project (and the lessons learned) or get the source code.
At some point in ancient history I actually played some guitar. A persistent reminder of that is the gchords LaTeX package for drawing guitar chord diagrams.
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