Biophysics I


Failed attempt at swimming at low Reynolds number.
Vorticella stem contracting very rapidly to avoid dragging objects with it.
The aim of this course is to introduce students with a background in mathematics and elementary physics to the world of cells.

Lecture notes and problems

[pdf] A guide to Biophysics and Biomathematics
Lecture notes for Biophysics 2011/2012
last version 8 December 2009
You are strongly encouraged to consult some of the recommended books, and especially the problems in them, in addition to these lecture notes. At the very least, have a look at the problems in the free web version of Nelson's book.
Suggested problems in Nelson's book: 1.1, 4.3, 4.4, 5.1, 5.4, 5.5, 6.2, 6.3, 7.1, 7.3, 7.5, 8.4. Suggested "Your Turn" problems: 1a, 6c, 6e, 6f, 8d, 8e.

Video recordings

[movie] Video recordings of lectures in 2009
Hosted by the IPPP. The course in 2011/12 will be similar to these lectures, with some small modifications and additions.


1Thursday October 6 Introduction, tour of the biological problems
1Tuesday October 11 Thermodynamics intro, entropy, temperature
2Thursday October 13 Entropy of ideal gas, first law, reversibility
2Tuesday October 18 Efficiency, free energy
3Thursday October 21 Boltzmann distribution
3Tuesday October 25 Osmosis. Try Nelson's problems 1.1 and 6.2.
4Thursday October 27 Reaction rates
4Tuesday November 1 Depletion forces
5Tuesday November 3 Random walks and diffusion
7Tuesday November 15 Viscosity and friction
7Thursday November 17 Reynolds number