University of Durham --- Department of Mathematical Sciences

Yorkshire and Durham Geometry Days

A Yorkshire and Durham Geometry Day will take place on Friday March 6, 2015 in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Durham University. The timetable is as follows:

10:45 Coffee Mathematics Department Common Room CM211

11:30 Michiel van den Berg (Bristol) in CG218

"Heat flow in Riemannian manifolds"

12:30 Lunch break

1:50 Leave from CM211

2:00 Antoine Choffrut (Edinburgh) in CG218

" Geometry in the Euler equations of hydrodynamics: h-principle and convex integration "

3:00 Tea break in CM211

3:30 Lu Wang (Imperial) in CG218

"Sharp Lower Bound for the Entropy of Closed Hypersurfaces up to Dimension 6"

4:40 John Smillie (Warwick/Cornell) in CG218

"Rational polygonal billiards and strata "
Abstract: Given a polygon in R^2 for which the angles are rational multiples of pi what is the growth rate of the number of periodic trajectories of length less than or equal to L? This question can be translated into a question about dynamics on a family of moduli spaces with interesting geometric structure called strata. In particular strata are locally modelled on a homogeneous spaces but are not themselves homogeneous. We will explore the extent to which techniques developed in the homogeneous setting do and do not extend to this non-homogeneous setting.

6:00 Leave for dinner at the The Capital from CM211

Travel: Durham is easy to get to by car and train, and so is the Department of Mathematics, located on the Science Site. Click here for relevant information.

If you intend to drive to Durham, please inform one of the Durham organisers, who will arrange for a car parking permit for you.

Yorkshire and Durham Geometry Days are jointly organised by the Universities of Durham, Leeds and York, and occur at a frequency of three meetings per academic year. Financial support is provided by the London Mathematical Society through a Scheme 3 grant, currently administered by the University of York. A record of previous meetings may be found here.

The local organizers are:

John Bolton & Wilhelm Klingenberg, University of Durham

Martin Speight & John Wood, University of Leeds

Ian McIntosh & Chris Wood, University of York