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I'm in room CM 239.
phone: 0191 334 3099
fax: 0191 334 3051
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I am a member of the Centre for Particle Theory and the department of Mathematical Sciences at Durham University.

The main topic of my research is holographic duality; I am interested in both the description of spacetime in the field theory (particularly issues concerning black holes and causal structure) and the study of properties of strongly-coupled field theories using the spacetime. My recent work has focused on entanglement and holography.
You can look at my publication list.

History: I have also been a member of the Relativity group in the Department of Physics at the University of California at Santa Barbara. I did my Ph.D. in the General Relativity group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), at the University of Cambridge. (While at Cambridge, I was also in St .John's College.) I was an undergraduate in the Department of Physics at the University of Waterloo.

Finally, here's a list of physics resources which I find useful.

Politics and Recreations

I have been a member of Amnesty International, the human rights organisation, for more than a decade. I used to chair the (now defunct) Durham Group.

In my spare time, I mostly read and go to movies. There's a decent cinema in Newcastle. I also like taking pictures; you can see my photos on flickr.

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