Professor James Blowey

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From October 2010 I begin a 80% appointment as Deputy Head of Faculty (Natural Sciences) in the Faculty of Science while spending the other 20% of my time as a Reader in the Department of Mathematical Sciences (been in Durham since October 1992.) You can fine me most days in CG309 which is on the top floor of Chemistry.

Contact Details

Please use the following contacts for: regular post (Natural Sciences | Maths); my body (Natural Sciences: CG309)


My research interests are in the Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations. In particular Below are some simulations:
Binary Alloy
2D Cahn-Hilliard
Mean Constant mobility Degenerate mobility
0movie (325K) movie (643K)
-0.4movie (361K) movie (138K)
Binary Alloy
2D Allen-Cahn/Cahn-Hilliard
simulations: (a=2,b=4, Key)
0.55colour movie (400K) colour movie (1.23Mb)


The quality of, expertise of and committment to my teaching (and my colleagues) was recognised in the academic year 2004/5 when I was the recipient of a University Excellence in Teaching Award. Other (different) previously taught courses

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