YTF 12

Centre for Particle Theory, Durham University

18 - 19 December 2019

Welcome to the twelfth annual YTF, taking place at Durham University on December 18th-19th, 2019.

YTF is run for students, by students. Each year in the UK, we bring together postgraduate students working in theoretical high-energy physics, providing the opportunity for them to present their work to a friendly audience. Our aim is to foster collaboration between different universities and aid the development of early career researchers.

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Topics within theoretical high-energy physics are welcome. We expect to discuss:

  • AdS/CFT
  • Amplitudes
  • Beyond-Standard-Model physics
  • Black Holes
  • Conformal Symmetry
  • Cosmology
  • Dark Matter
  • Flavour Physics
  • Gravity
  • Machine Learning
  • Neutrinos
  • Non-Perturbative QFT
  • QCD
  • String Theory
  • Supersymmetric QFT

Any queries regarding the forum, can be directed to this year's YTF Team.

YTF is made possible by the sponsorship of the organisations listed below, which includes the Early Career Members, High Energy Particle Physics, and the Mathematical and Theoretical Physics Groups of the Institute of Physics.