This page will accumulate information about the Vectors part of Single Maths B, lectured by Prof Gregory in the Michaelmas term 2014.

Course Lecturer: Prof Ruth Gregory, Office CM214

Lectures: Monday 12:00 (CG93) & Tuesday 12:00 (CLC202) & Thursday 17:00 (D110)

Support Classes: Friday 9:00 , 16:00


Recommended Text Book:

K F Riley, M P Hobson & S J Bence, Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering. (CUP, 3rd edition).

Click here to see the Library's NetLibrary eBook copy.

The first part of the course, on vectors, covers most of Chapter 7 of RHB, plus sections 10.1 and 10.9. For extra exercises, see section 7.10.


Summary Notes etc Problem Sheets Solutions

The syllabus and other background information is in the course booklet. For lecture times and tutorial information follow this link.

Course Outline


Tutorials & Weekly assignments - Michaelmas

Tutorials will start in week 2, beginning 14th October. Work will be set each week on Monday to be posted in to the appropriate slot in CM116 by NOON the following Monday. Your work will be marked and handed back at the tutorial. This page will contain a table of what questions were set for each week of term.

Work Set Date set To hand in
1(ii), 2(ii), 3, 5. Week 1 13/10
10, 15, 16. Week 2 20/10
17, 18, 22. Week 3 27/10
23, 26, ODE's 1.a),b) Week 4 3/11







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