You are invited to the conference

Prospects in Mathematics

A Symposium for Potential Research Students in Pure Mathematics

To be held 15th-18th December 2005 at the
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Durham University

Sponsored by the Nuffield Foundation

The conference is to introduce high quality mathematics students to the many and varied opportunities for research in pure mathematics that exist in UK universities. The conference will involve two full days of lectures (on 16th/17th December) surveying different areas of modern pure mathematics and describing possible research projects. There also will be a lecture about different funding opportunities for postgraduate research training that exist in the UK.


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List of Participants (Attendance is by invitation only)

We will reimburse the travel costs of the participants (up to the level of the second class return railfare) on production of receipts. Accommodation and meals will be provided free of charge and there will be a conference dinner on the 17th December. The participants will stay in St Mary's College, a few minutes walk from the Mathematics Department, where they will have many opportunities to interact both with their peers and with the speakers.


If you have any questions please contact Professor M. Farber or Dr N. Peyerimhoff.