Mathematics Teaching MATH3121

General Information

This is a year long undergraduate module which promotes secondary school Mathematics to final year students - in 2003/4 about 30 student completed the module. Part of this course involves the students splitting into small groups which observe and assist in school lessons for five half-days at 10 local schools. Students also write a mathematical essay and present it to their peers.

The cap:
After the May-June exams, all eligible students will be asked to complete an on-line form to register an interest. If the number interested exceeds the cap then selection will be based on the quality of a short essay which students will have one week to prepare, for instance an essay on "Discuss whether or not all sixth-form students should study Mathematics at some level". In particular, as the essay topic tests students' critical faculties and not their high-level mathematical skills it will not disadvantage Combined Honours or Natural Sciences students and moreover should enable students who wish to follow teaching as a career to shine through. Students will be informed of the outcome of the allocation process prior to registration. If you are interested in taking this module in 2005/6 then email me just to make sure that you are known about.

Official Department Details: Module webpage

Course Information: through DUO - username supplied on request to anyone interested.

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