Computational Maths II/III A (067021)

Numerical Analysis Epiphany Term 1999

General Information

Module decription and syllabus.

Lectures: Monday 4.15pm in CG83 and Thursday 9am in CM101.

Tutorial groups

Problems: To be set and collected on Monday's at 4.15pm.

Tutorials: Tuesday 10am, Thursday 3.15pm (A weeks) and Friday 2.15pm (B weeks).

Office Hours: Wednesday 10am and Thursday 3.15pm (B weeks, namely 28/1, 11/2, 25/2 and 11/3).

Student representatives: Karen Boldison, Kate Maitland and Rhodri Richards. Sample student questoinnaire.

List of resources


There are some Matlab programmes that can be run (without needing to know anything about Matlab). The files are called

simply click on the link above and save using the filename suggested by netscape to your own filespace. To run one of them just start Matlab and at the >> prompt type the filename without the .m ending. You can either quit Matlab via the Windows menus or by typing quit.

Make sure you use windows NT. Keep the SHIFT key pressed and left click on gauss_quad.mws. A dialog box should open to allow you to save the file to a convenient location in your personal workspace. Then ``Start, programs and then languages'' you can select MAPLE Version 5 and away you go. Load gauss_quad.mws and go to the top of the worksheet.

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Last updated on 11/3/99.