Workshops on Principles and Methods of Statistical Inference with Interval Probability (WPMSIIP)

Welcome to the webpage of WPMSIIP, a series of annual workshops on topics in statistical inference using interval (`imprecise', `lower and upper') probability. The emphasis of these workshops is on `work', particularly through presentation and discussion of research challenges, very recent developments and ideas (these may turn out to be fruitful or not, both are useful!). To facilitate discussions, each workshop has several `theme days' while also leaving time to discuss whatever comes to mind; there are few (if any) `rules' for the workshops, we aim to leave them `as unorganized as possible'. We also aim at zero fees for participants. Contact us if you wish to participate!

8th WPMSIIP 2015 - Munich, September 2015

The 8th WPMSIIP 2015 will be held in Munich, from 31 August to 5 September 2015. Further information is available from: 8th WPMSIIP 2015.

Future Workshops

Expressions of interest to organize WPMSIIP in 2016 (and beyond) are welcome!

Past Workshops

Work Group

WPMSIIP explicitly aims to keep formal organisation structures and bureaucracy at a minimum. Nevertheless, to guide the planning and organisation of these meetings there is a WPMSIIP work group consisting of:

Related Workshops

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