Thesis Template

Here is a .tar.gz file containing everything you need to create a thesis. It was produced by M. Imran in 2001 and was formated to the Durham University regulations of the time - there is no guarantee that it meets the current regulations!

The tarball contains the following files (as described by the author):

dmathesis.cls This is the class that sets up the page and its style.
format.tex This file is required for dmathesis.cls. Here you include the packages and short cuts you want to use. If you want to remove some packages that I have included in this file, please don't remove the fancyhdr package, since it is required for the page style.
Note: You need to remove "\bfseries\today" in this file for the final copy of your thesis. I put this here because of the wisdom behind it.
frontpage.tex Here you type, in the appropriate place, the title of your thesis, your name, your research group, the year of your thesis, the dedication if you have one, the abstract of your work, the declaration, and the acknowledgements.
DU_2-col_sml.eps This file is required by frontpage.tex (logo of the university of durham). Alternatives are available from the University communications office.
thesis.tex This the file you have to compile (latex).
Here you type chapter 1 to chapter 6 of your thesis. If you have more than 6 chapters, just copy one of these chapters and give it the appropriate name.
ref.tex Here you type the references. If you plan to use bibtex please modify this file.
append.tex Here you type the appendix of your thesis if you have one.
showlabel.sty This file is required if you need to show the labels, see the beginning of the file thesis.tex.

An example of the output generated by this is here.

The tex files are fairly well commented but if you do have any comments, questions or improvements then let me know! If you update or edit this template, or have a better one, then please share what you have.

© Andrew Iskauskas.