Durham University News

Consultation begins on three estates projects
Durham University and Durham County Council have begun consultation on three estates projects proposed for Durham City.

Artists invited to showcase work at new festival
A new visual arts festival is coming to Durham – and artists from North East England are being invited to get involved.

Durham ranked 6th in the UK
Durham University is ranked 6th in the UK according to the 2019 Complete University Guide – cementing its place as one of the UK’s leading universities. 

Reducing our impact on the environment
Durham University has become the first university in the North of England – and the second in the UK – to join a new campaign aimed at reducing plastic waste.

Useful Commands For Linux

lsList directories
moreReveal contents of a file
lessSimilar to more, but faster
man COMMANDShow manual pages for "COMMAND"
cdChange directories
mkdirMake directories
rmdirRemove directories
rmRemove a file
mvMove a file
geditA simple text editor
emacsAs above
chmodChange read and write permissions of files (see man pages)
topLists running processes
tar xzf filename.tar.gzExtract 'filename.tar.gz' into current directory
ssh -X username@turing.dur.ac.ukLog in to department from outside computer. To login to ITS space replace 'turing' with 'vega'
sftp username@turing.dur.ac.ukTransfer files to and from department computer

N.B. For most commands you can use the 'tab' key to auto complete your command.

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