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Formation of human tissue to improve drug testing and reduce animal research
Innovative three dimensional (3D) cell culture technology is giving scientists the ability to grow realistic human tissues for more effective drug testing while reducing the need for animal research.

Durham’s cosmology research lights up London
Research by Durham University scientists into the evolution of galaxies will light up London as part of a major festival.

Philanthropist, filmmaker and children's champion receive honorary degrees
A leading philanthropist, a pioneering filmmaker and a children’s champion were awarded honorary degrees as thousands of students graduated from Durham University.

Work to begin on new colleges and student facilities
Work to develop new college and student facilities at Durham University will begin within weeks.

Paper and Poster Templates

Below are some poster and paper templates to get you started making your own. They are free to use for everyone: if you feel that you are able to improve them or have a better template then please email it to me and share what you have found so that we may keep improving them. Equally if you have any tips or tricks for making better papers or posters then please share it - you can be credited here if you wish!

Thesis Template

We provide links to a few different thesis templates. The most recent update to the thesis template has been made by John Lawson and is available on github here. This github page describes how to use the template and the available options.

This template builds on earlier work of Steven Charlton, which is in turn based on the older template of Imran M. from 2001. Steven's template can be found here.

These recent templates should meet most of the current university requirements, though if you use either of them, it is still your responsibility to check that your finished thesis meets the current university regulations!

The university regulations for these can be found here.

The tex files are fairly well commented but if you do have any comments, questions or improvements then please let either Steven Charlton or myself know! If you update or edit this template, or have a better one, then please share what you have.

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