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Artists invited to showcase work at new festival
A new visual arts festival is coming to Durham – and artists from North East England are being invited to get involved.

Durham ranked 6th in the UK
Durham University is ranked 6th in the UK according to the 2019 Complete University Guide – cementing its place as one of the UK’s leading universities. 

Reducing our impact on the environment
Durham University has become the first university in the North of England – and the second in the UK – to join a new campaign aimed at reducing plastic waste.

Hungry birds as climate change drives food mismatch
Warmer springs create a mismatch where hungry chicks hatch too late to feast on abundant caterpillars, new research shows.

Conferences and Publications - The Details

The department has provisions for each student to attend domestic and international conferences. It is expected that, during the course of your PhD, you will attend one major international conference, and a number of conferences within the UK; you and your supervisor will be able to decide on which conferences are relevant to your research.

The departmental travel approval policy is outlined here - be sure to familarise yourself with the procedure. Requisition forms and further information is available on the internal maths pages.

Important Information about Publications

Please note this before submitting any publications!

Dear ma-all,

If you attended one of the open access briefing sessions then you will be aware that there is a new MANDATORY university procedure (effective immediately) for dealing with publications that arise from all RCUK funded research (this includes PhD students, FEC research time, consolidated grants, etc).

BEFORE submitting a paper for publication you must complete the open access webform at https://www.dur.ac.uk/research.office/open.access/form/ and wait for a response to confirm your preferred journal choice. This response will also provide the open access options available to you and confirm any block grant funding that you may have requested for gold open access.

This procedure is in addition to the required upload (on publication) of a post-print version of the paper to Durham Research Online (DRO) http://dro.dur.ac.uk/ which applies to all publications, irrespective of RCUK funding.

If you are unsure about any of the above or require any assistance or support then please contact maths.research@durham.ac.uk.

Note that the webform requires both the RCUK grant reference code and the internal grant reference code. If you dont know these codes then you can obtain them by contacting h.e.rusby@durham.ac.uk for assistance.

Kind regards

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