The Girl's Own Paper Index

This site contains an index of all the fiction stories and non-fiction articles from the Girl's Own Paper covering the period 1880 to 1941 (Volumes 1 to 62). The index was compiled by Honor Ward, and a version of the fiction index has appeared in the Girl's Own Guide (E. Honor Ward, A&B Whitworth, 1992).

This site is maintained by Tom Ward; I am grateful to the Department of Mathematics at Durham University for allowing it to be hosted on their web site.

Material taken from the Girl's Own Paper (including the examples of 'Answers to Correspondents' and the 'selected illustrations') are all © The Lutterworth Press. The images and text may not be reproduced in any form without permission from the Lutterworth Press ( ).

The contents of the index to the Girl's Own Paper is © Honor Ward. Parts of the index may be used and distributed for any non-commercial activity as long as this notice remains with the index. Corrections and queries to the please.

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